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hi, i'm Mr. Dave!


These are the things I'm doing currently.

Work #

I'm a licensed veterinary technician. I provide advanced nursing care for dogs and cats in a general practice hospital. I work day-to-day in a clinical role and provide training and direction for lay staff.

Beyond veterinary medicine, my work interests include:

Home #

My fiancée and I are raising our three children, a fish, and sometimes a dog. She is working toward her Bachelor of Science in Nursing. I am focused on making sure they have what they need to learn and grow.

Projects #

Do I want to tie github in here? depends, can I npm i -D eleventy-plugin-github-stuff?

Animal Drug Data #

The eventual goal of this project is to be able to calculate doses of drugs based on patient size, desired dosing, and strength/dose information from verified government databases. The FDA has a nice JSON endpoint for human drugs, but for consistent complete access for animal products we're going with the DailyMed SPL system. Maybe if I find a good EU drug agency endpoint I could make that available too. The idea would be to enter patient signalment, a desired set of medications and doses, and present a list with instructions that a provider can verify, annotate, and present to the team to implement.

Hexagons #

I like hexagons and I do doodles about them. Sometimes I post code about them on github